Ask a question

I.e. Who has experience with ISO 9001 in the public sector?

Notify colleagues

We send your question to the right colleagues.

Collect answers

Collect the information you need in minutes and continue your work.

Build your database

All information becomes searchable for others.

Submit a question

You need information. Simply post your question at Ideedock. Your reach is far greater than calling or emailing your colleagues. Hence it will deliver better quality information.

Your question is sent to a few colleagues that might have an answer.

We ask your colleagues

Based on the answers people give, we learn about what they know. This allows us to notify the right colleagues.

Colleagues can respond to your question by clicking one button in their email. It works fast and seamless. You are likely to receive a few answers within the first hour!

Mark answers as useful

If an answer is useful to you, you can mark it that way. This has two benefits:

It functions as positive feedback to the person that answered. It simply makes him feel good.

Ideedock shows a leaderboard of colleagues that gave the most useful answers. This competitive element makes it fun and engaging.

Build an amazing knowledge base

We store all the questions and answers and make them searchable for others. In most of the cases, the information that is exchanged also benefits many other colleagues.

Ideedock is building your company's knowledge base in a completely organic way. It drastically reduces the time employees spend searching.


We build only features that create significant value.
And we remove features that don't.
Above all, we keep it simple.

Smart matching

Based on questions and answers people give at Ideedock we identify what they know. Ideedock then automatically notifies the right people when a new question shows up.


Organize and structure all questions by adding tags. Follow tags to get notified about relevant questions.


COMING SOON. Ask or answer questions on the go with our mobile app. Have instant access to your company's knowledge. Wherever you go.

Identify experts

We don't ask people to fill out long profiles. Because they won't. Based on the answers people give we automatically identify their area of expertise.


The questions people ask are often interesting for others. You can easily search them through a powerful search function.


Manage your users, questions and answers without effort. Admins can moderate all content and users.


Ideedock recognize people that share knowledge. Because we appreciate people that share knowledge.

Follow topics

Follow tags and be notified when a specific question shows up.


Ideedock's sensitive information is exchanged via the Stomp protocol over web sockets managed by RabbitMQ exchanges/topics. The web sockets are 256 bit encrypted SSL over the wire provided by a verified certificate provider. All RabbitMQ exchanges are authorized to one of two users: a server user and a client user. Some exchanges are written only to the client user, to prevent clients from reading from exchanges intended for server processing. Lastly, all clients connected to a stream securely receive, via SSL, a stream token, which authorizes the client to consume realtime messages from the stream. Without this token, a client cannot connect to the stream exchange.