Stop calling your boss.
Post your question on Ideedock instead. It's way more effective.
No offense.

Your employees need all internal knowledge necessary to their current work.
Great. That's why we built Ideedock.


Less time searching. More time working.

Your colleagues know more than you think. 9 out of 10 times you post a question on Ideedock you'll be impressed with the useful answers. Ideedock helps people reduce time otherwise spent searching.


Make better use of internal knowledge.

Tracking down colleagues who can help with a specific task is hard. Calling a few people isn't effective if you have hundreds of colleagues. Ask your question on Ideedock and quickly find the right people.


We keep it simple. Really simple.

No long forms to fill out. Instead, Ideedock learns automatically about you based on the answers you give. The interface is cristal clear. Asking a question takes two clicks. Answering questions can simply from your email.


Valuable insights for strategical decision-making.

Based on the data Ideedock generates it shows you what your company knows but also what it doesn't know. Customers use this information for their HR strategy regarding training, hiring process, etc.