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We love this city for its freedom, tolerance and culture. Best place in the world to live and work.

Our investors

Ideedock was part of Rockstart class 2012 and has received a friendly loan from the government.

About Ideedock

Ideedock started out two years ago as something very different: A tool to organize idea competitions for employees. After many meetings with enterprises we discovered a problem far more interesting.

Knowledge workers are spending between 15%-35% of their time searching for information (source). Others have tried to solve this by documenting as much information as possible to make it searchable.

Employees were asked to fill databases with what projects they worked on, what knowledge they gained etc. The problem is that few people actually did. And even fewer people searched those databases

We take a different approach. Nobody is asked to document anything. As we're storing the questions and answers, we're effortlessly building a valuable knowledge base.

We are building an information system that gives people near realtime access to the information they need. That would be powerful.

Pepijn de Visscher

Founder & CEO

Jonas Matser

Lead developer

Bas van Steen


Willem Gosselt

Business Developer

Hugo Noorlander

Lead design